Join the movement that takes the time to stop.


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I believe in doing great things that move people - the Tea Break Club is a community I'm building to share them with you!

Together, we celebrate using our free time to do the things we love - whether that's making music, baking, reading, writing, exercising or anything else! 

There's a revolution brewing. Come and be a part of it.
Sign up via Email and you’ll get access to unreleased material, exclusive merch and you’ll always hear my new music before everyone else does... 
As a collective, we engage with each other - I share news and exclusives just for Tea Breakers. You can interact with me and others - use your voice to share what you're doing on your Tea Break!

We listen to new music together. I'll share ideas and sketches of new music and projects with you - your awesome feedback will help to shape the creative process!

…and when it’s finished, we release it and celebrate our hard work as a collective. Let’s raise a glass (or mug) wherever you are in the World, kick back and listen to the music.

You'll also get an exclusive discount on my latest merch - check out these awesome Tea Breakers styling it up!

So, why is it a Tea Break Club?

One thing everyone in our community has in common is we all love to make the most of our tea break (or coffee break, if that’s your thing!). It’s the perfect time for us to stop, listen and make time for the things we love.

Why should I join the Tea Break Club? 

You'll get exclusive access to unreleased material, exclusive merch and offers!

You’ll get to hear everything before the general public does - whether it’s ideas, demos or finished mixes!

I'll send you regular personal updates via email, messenger and sometimes text - all for you to enjoy on your tea break!

You'll get access to the secret Facebook group - come and be a part of the community!

…and it’s free - and always will be!

Here's some awesome work that was made possible by the Tea Break Club...

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and put the kettle on once in a while, you could miss it.” 

- Ferris Bueller (in a way)

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