I'm giving away my debut album on CD for free - just pay postage!

For a limited time, I've decided to give away my Debut CD Album A Song In Seven Days for FREE! If you've just started listening to the music I make, this is a great place to start! I've marked down the price by 100% just for you - all you have to do is cover the postage and packaging!

But Geoff, it's 2022 - I can just listen on Spotify, right?

Yes, that is of course true and you'll find most of my music there - but not the exclusive tracks that are reserved for people who purchase the CD! Streaming services really don't support artists' work at all - so buying any of my CDs or products means you're supporting me and my music. Your support and kindness means I can make more of the stuff that you and I love. 

You know as well as I do that ordering a CD isn't just about the music on it - it's great to physically have something in your possession. I've taken the time and effort to make sure that A Song In Seven Days is a real collectors item - it's a joy to behold and hold! Not only that, but there's only 100 left, so you can say you're one of only a handful of people who own it! How cool is that?

Okay Geoff, I've got this far but how does ordering the free CD work?

Great question - it's really easy. All you have to do is click here (or one of the buttons on this page) and it'll take you to a checkout page. There, you can fill in your details for me to send the CD to you and pay the cost of the postage with PayPal or your credit/debit card. I'll then receive your order and send it straight to your door! Easy, eh?
I'm really proud of #ASongInSevenDays and it's the perfect way to get to know me and my music. Claiming this will get you:

• A very trendy vinyl-style CD in a sleeve!
• 12 awesome tracks - including a free digital download, too!
• The immense, heartwarming satisfaction of knowing you've supported an independent musician on their journey to make more music!

Help me spread a little musical happiness to your mailbox with this gift from me to you. It also makes an ideal gift for every occasion - and let's face it, this close to Christmas it's an absolute bargain. 
I've only got 100 of them left, so get yours quick! Order one while stocks last! Limited to one per order.
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