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I've Just Seen A Face...

Posted by  on March 8, 2020

If you haven't heard it already, here's my version of The Beatles' song 'I've Just Seen A Face'...

I've wanted to cover this song for a long time. I remember picking up the album 'Help!' during my first year of Uni and totally falling in love with it - but also strangely knowing all the words to the songs...

I was brought up on The Beatles in every sense. My earliest memories are of watching their feature films with my Grandad and getting to know their music inside-out. I can really vividly recall the skiing scenes and the ridiculously sense of humour that makes the films so charming.

When I started listening to them properly again at 19, it all felt very familiar but there were new layers there - things I'd missed as a child. Within their vast back catalogue there is so much humanity; love, loss and everything between.

The difficulty I have as a result is that I want to cover every Beatles track - and believe it or not there are still some I'd love to put my spin on. So naturally it could be a while before I work on another, but rest assured it will happen...

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