Lets make future memories together. As the warm embrace of the present blends seamlessly with the promises of tomorrow, immerse yourself in a sonic tapestry that captures the essence of sun-soaked horizons and endless possibilities...

These new melodies paint vivid landscapes of the summers that await, where these songs will inevitably find their home within your playlists, soundtracking the adventures and emotions that lie ahead...



Geoff II in 60 seconds - here's the story behind 'Place To Go' and 'What Will You Do'



What are you doing on this Friday night?
Looks like you need a certain somethin’ to see you right
I could tell your low that’s why I’m here
I can make those worries disappear

Put your sneakers on and come with me
When you feel like this, there’s just one point to be
All you love and need in one special place
It’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face

If you’re looking for a good old time
Where the beer and the conversations flow
We can stay here ‘til we hear that chime
‘Til we hear the final whistle blow
When there’s trouble weighing on your mind
There’s nothing better than the people that you know
Grab a drink with us a soon you’ll find
That here’s the place to go

Ears are open and we’re listening
Jukebox playing and the eyes are glistening
Take the pressure off we’re glad you’re here
Top your bottles up with all that cheer

We’ll be here for you when nothing rhymes
We know that life can be a heavy weight sometimes
That’s no problem, we can share that load
Walk together on the uphill road


There are days when the world don’t seem so right
We get together we might
Stand up and make it alright
And your friends will be there when you win that fight

How are you feeling on this friday night?
Looks like you got a certain something to see you right
Take a seat my friend, I’m glad you’re here
You can make my worries disappear…

I love using my Voice Memos to make quick sketches of my songs as I write them! It's a great way of getting ideas down so you can come back to them later and flesh them out - here are the extremely rough beginnings of 'Place to Go' and 'What Will You Do'

What will you do when the money runs out, my baby?
Just call your daddy, and everything will be okay
Never had to work a single day
Or listen to a single word they say
What will you do when the money runs out, my baby?
Spend like it’s out of fashion
Til you’ve no chips to cash in, yeah

What will you do when they’re all walkin’ out on you baby?
It wont be long til they figure out your ways
I know you think your bird can sing
But they don’t owe you anything
What will you do when they’re all walkin’ out on you baby?
Absent sophistication
In every conversation, yeah

Oh you know it makes me so damn mad
Just thinking all about the things you’ve had for free
But you’ll never see

What will they say, when you don’t look that way my baby?
Because I’m sure, it opens the door for you
You know the love they feel, it isn’t deep
Don’t leave that much around for you to keep
What will they say, when you don’t look that way my baby?
Just think before you’re older
Long nights will soon get colder, yeah


I'd love to know what you think about these two - I've really enjoyed writing these new songs, but what do you think?

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