I've Got Soul

I've always wanted to write a Classic Soul number - this was so fun to write!

"She's a Revelation and She's so good to me..."

By October I had settled into the concept of A Song In Seven Days. Autumn had well and truly fallen and the Gingerbread Lattés were in full swing. I was Vlogging on a daily basis and I was ready for a song idea to hit me - and on the 18th day of the month it did just that.

I’d just discovered Sam Cooke for the first time and I was determined to write a Soul number. I’d never done anything like it before and I was ready to work on something new. So I headed up to the studio and sat by the piano and started writing.
I recall it being a beautiful Autumn. The Summer had been relentlessly hot and it had the made the studio a very hard place to work. Evenings were still long enough to make the most of, but cool enough to be bearable. To me ‘She’s A Revelation’ feels like one of those days.

This was a song I thoroughly enjoyed writing. I was in a really good place - in full flow with no real resistance in the process. I remember feeling like the song just ‘happened’.

One of the many great things I’ll take away from A Song In Seven Days is learning to love the process, not just the end result. Telling the story of these songs has taught me to step back and enjoy the journey as well as the destination.

I hope you enjoy both, too.
Let me hear the song!

The Story Behind The Song...

With all of the songs in this project, I simultaneously created a 'Vlog' documenting the story of how I wrote the song. This is the story behind 'She's A Revelation'.

So, what do you think?

Now that you've heard the song and got to know what it's all about, I'd love to know what you think! Let's get a discussion going!