A Thousand Times A Day...

This is my favourite song from the whole project - a romantic song with a twist

"A love song... of some description"

Let me set the scene. It was a particularly cold February here in Doncaster. I’d just finished writing ‘New Year, Still Me’ and was desperate to start writing again. I promised myself I’d write a song every month, so naturally I started counting down the last few days of January, eager to start the next song.

The idea came to me on a visit to Oxford. I’d gone down to pick up my sister Lizzy and her boyfriend Tim to bring them home for a family celebration. As I was walking through the streets of cinder toffee stone, I knew that I wanted to write a love song… of some description.
It wasn’t a huge surprise to me that I was inspired by Oxford - I had lived there for three years as a student and had already quite a few songs during my time there. I always get a different perspective on Oxford every time I visit, and this time was no exception. A fresh angle on a familiar place is like a match to touch paper as far as inspiration is concerned.

At the time, I was actually a bit guarded about the idea behind the song. In a Vlog earlier this year, I revealed the truth - the lyrics of the song are about my experience using dating apps. It’s a very peculiar aspect of modern existence and I knew that I wanted to write something about it - I wonder if there are any particular lines that stand out now I’ve said that…

Some of you might say it’s not fair for me to have a favourite song from this project, but ‘On Paper’ really does take the top spot for me. I remember being desperate to start, write and finish the song - I couldn’t wait to hear what it would sound like. I know that sounds like a strange thing to say, but the wonderful thing about songwriting is you can never quite predict how a song will end up…

Over to you - I hope you love how it turned out!
Let me hear the song!

The Story Behind The Song...

With all of the songs in this project, I simultaneously created a 'Vlog' documenting the story of how I wrote the song. This is the story behind 'On Paper'.

So, what do you think?

Now that you've heard the song and got to know what it's all about, I'd love to know what you think! Let's get a discussion going!