One Day More

There's always time for one more song...

"If we take a picture, on this day every year..."

When I started ‘A Song In Seven Days’, I promised myself that I would write a new song every month for the rest of the year. Technically, I managed to keep that promise. The final song was written in January of 2019, but I managed to finish it within 365 days of starting the project - a close call, I know!

I was a little thrown off course by writing ‘Just Like Years Before’, the Christmas song from the project. I had wanted to get it out for December, which of course meant writing it in November (which was quite bizarre in itself!). I then fully immersed myself in a ‘Vlogmas’ and I remember getting to the end of the year feeling totally exhausted.
I picked up the camera again in January and knew I had one more song to write. I wanted to write something reflective - something that would pull together all the pieces of the year and everything I’d been through. It was a strange time. The New Year had started but Christmas wasn’t over yet - just like when I’d written ‘New Year, Still Me’. There was a bizarre sense of History repeating itself, but I wasn’t going to write the same song again.

Over the festive period, I had spent a lot of time with family and friends. For the most part, I had managed to keep up all of the Christmas traditions I had mentioned in ‘Just Like Years Before’. One such tradition is my friends and I meeting on Christmas Eve for a catch up. We sit and talk about what we’ve all been up to until closing time - it’s often the only time we all definitely get to each other.

As we were talking, one of my friends remarked that we’d been true to the tradition for over 8 years now - which of course is quite a long time! She then suggested that if we’d have taken a picture every Christmas Eve of all of us, it would have told a story in itself! I remember thinking how wonderful that would have been - we also forgot to take a picture that night, so in a sense we were true to ourselves.

A few weeks later, the theme of the song naturally presented itself. ‘If We Take A Picture’ was my way of taking the idea my friend had and reflecting on how much things have changed - not just this year, but every year.

Of all the songs in the project, it is surely the most sentimental. When I listen back to the song, it conjures memories of the entire #ASongInSevenDays project. All the highs and lows, people and places. The song itself is just me and a piano. No frills, no complex orchestral arrangements or effects - just me.

As I look forward to what comes next, I will always recall what I learned during #ASongInSevenDays and keep it close to me on this musical journey. As always, I’m glad you’re here to share it with me…
Let me hear the song!

The Story Behind The Song...

With all of the songs in this project, I simultaneously created a 'Vlog' documenting the story of how I wrote the song. This is the story behind 'If We Take a Picture'.

So, what do you think?

Now that you've heard the song and got to know what it's all about, I'd love to know what you think! Let's get a discussion going!